What to Expect in Clinic

Before your Appointment

We need to check whether it is safe to treat you, so we will need you to read and sign a Covid-19 consent form before your appointment/treatment can go ahead. 

Click on this link: 

Please read, complete & sign. Please bring along to your appointment

If it is not safe to treat you, an online consultation may be an alternative.

New patient consultations will initially be done via an online platform to reduce the amount of time spent together, and also avoid the discomfort of talking/wearing a mask for too long.


Going to the Clinic

Please travel light, leave bags and coats in your vehicle if possible. We will have a wipeable 'bucket' to keep all your belongings and clothes in. Please attend the clinic alone, unless you need a chaperone, parent or carer.

Try to arrive on time - we are trying to avoid using the reception area and will take you from the front door straight into the treatment room.

Please use card payments, BACS or PayPal wherever possible.


During Your Treatment

Please use the hand sanitiser before and after your treatment.

Your practitioner will be wearing a mask and we would like our patients to do the same. You can bring your own or we have some available in the clinic for £1.

There will be limited soft furnishings (ie towels, pillows, blankets, heated blankets) but we will do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible. Those that are used will be changed after every patient.

Massage techniques will be limited, but other techniques like Gua Shi, Cups, Moxa, Electro, Heat lamps etc are all unaffected.

Toilets will only be available for emergencies only.


After Your Appointment

Appointment times have been extended by 15 minutes. This is to ensure a thorough clean of the clinic and allow us to fully air the treatment room between patients.


If you develop Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis within 48 hours of having acupuncture, please immediately inform:

NHS test and trace service and

Your acupuncturist.



We hope you will understand that these protocols are for all our safety, and guidelines are constantly being updated. The changes to our working practices and the requirement for PPE has resulted in a small price increase -

New patients are now £65

Follow up acupuncture sessions are now £48.


If you wish to make an appointment you can book online at

or you can telephone the practice on

01305 759405 for bookings or any other information.

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