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I have also been impressed with the importance the Chinese place on regular exercise and movement in order to maintain good health.  As a yoga teacher, I have an interest in using acupuncture to speed up recovery from sports injuries and in keeping chronic conditions such as back pain at bay.


I have seen the important role acupuncture can play in maintaining good health in our lives, especially when we are living longer, but also in confronting chronic illnesses for which there is sometimes little remedy. Acupuncture in my view is a common sense system of medicine with much to offer in the improvement of health and wellbeing in a fast-paced modern world.


I have over the years developed a problem-solving insight and will work with my patients to see how we can apply acupuncture to usher you towards a state of feeling better in both mind and body.


I lived in West Dorset during the early 1980s and am thrilled to return to the region.  For me there is nowhere better, and along with the bracing sea air and glorious Dorset landscape, I’m delighted to work with Louise in offering acupuncture in Weymouth.


Over the past decade I have been involved in the education of those wishing to study acupuncture, designing and writing a BSc Acupuncture degree for The University of East London, where I was course director and senior lecturer. Aside from passing on skills to new practitioners, working in the arena of acupuncture education provided opportunities to develop my own practice and deepen my understanding and appreciation of how versatile acupuncture is in tackling common health issues. These included infertility, arthritis and Type 2 Diabetes in conjunction with GP prescribed treatment.

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