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Anti-Viral Syrup Available

Keeping our immune systems strong with good food and rest are the best ways to maintain health. Too much worry is not helpful so try to keep the current situation in perspective. Unfortunately I think the economic crisis will far outweigh the problems we face in terms of our health but here are a few options to help if you feel you need more support.

My latest Anti-Viral syrup is based on a traditional Chinese medicine formula called Gan Mao Ling. Can be used for colds and flu, best taken at the first sign of symptoms (headache, aches, chillls/fever).

The taste is pretty punchy but it can lessen viral load.

If you would like further information or wish to order any items please contact me on the following number : 07989 950462

Louise Steven, Director / Acupuncturist - Weymouth Acupuncture.

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