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The Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024

'I hope this finds you well and healthy! ' Louise Stevens BSc (Hons), EHS BSc (Hons), Ac PG Dip CHM MBAcC RCHM

The Year of the Rabbit signified being out and about in the world – enjoying the prosperous, opening qi. As we move into 2024, the Year of the Dragon, the mystical dragon rises and recharges our qi. The dragon represents rising yang qi and fast growing life energy. This expanding qi fuels a fresh life cycle and signals a time for us to broaden our horizons.

I am honored and humbled to carry on Lillian Pearl Bridges’ tradition of writing the Chinese astrology forecast. Her memory lives on and her teachings of yin/yang, the five-elements, and the energetics of the 12 Chinese animals are contained in this prediction. I will do my best to honor her legacy. Also, for over a decade, I have had the fortune of studying under Master Zhongxian Wu, who has written several books on the subject (listed below), some with his wife, Dr. Karin Wu. Information and explanations from their books are incorporated into this prediction. I hope you find the following information helpful in navigating the upcoming year.

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