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Give the Gift of Well Being this Christmas?

"Do you know someone who could benefit from Acupuncture? , why not purchase a gift voucher

You can NOW purchase a Gift voucher online with this link:

or in person when you are next in the clinic.

We now offer the option for purchasing a Treatment Gift voucher.  The perfect gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, Mothers' & Fathers day and of course Christmas. You can choose from the following:

1. £5 2. £10 3. £20 4. £50 which can be used as a contribution towards any treatment or

5. Initial Acupuncture Treatment for a NEW patient £70 - £80

6. Follow Up Acupuncture for existing patients £50 - £55 (depending which Practitioner)

7. New Herbal Patients £55

Purchase NOW with this link: or scan QR Code with mobile

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