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Eczema - Patient story by Kathleen Powderly

This case is being kindly shared by Alan Watt (62), owner of a picture framing company who was diagnosed with discoid eczema in spring 2014. He has a family history of psoriasis and allergy related issues affecting his nose and sinuses.

His GP prescribed Betnovate, a steroid cream, to alleviate the inflamed itchy patches on both shins. However over the course of the summer and autumn, the redness and itching extended to both sides of the legs. The eczema then progressed to most of the body with extreme itching experienced on the chest, arms, legs and ankles. A course of Prednisolone tablets was prescribed followed by anti-histamines Fexofenadine during the day and a more sedating anti itch tablet, Atarax, at night.

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