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Long Covid - Patient Story

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Long Covid Patient Story

This patient was sent to me by the JADE SCREEN PROJECT towards the end of October 2020. She was at the at the time a very active 50 years old with regular extreme sports as part of her lifestyle including cycling and mountain hiking whilst managing a busy work schedule within her healthcare job. She caught Covid in March 2020 so at the beginning of the pandemic, when Western medicine had no real idea how to manage and treat SARS Covid 2 and its aftermath. Her initial onset symptoms were a temperature, sore throat and a cough. She did also lose her sense of smell and taste. She had fatigue but had no extreme shortness of breath. She ‘recovered’ from this or so she thought and returned to work which was mainly computer managed and started working from home and trying to look after herself. This is when her symptoms of fatigue got much worse. It soon became clear to her that she could not look after herself as well as return to any level of work. She was unable to stand up without a big increase of her heart rate and felt dizzy with strong palpitations. She did everything prostrate and at times had to crawl to her bathroom, she could not stand to go from A to B. It is at this time she decided to move in with her parents.

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