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The magic of paediatric acupuncture

From the embryo to adulthood we all incur imbalances in our bodies, acupuncture is a good tool to bring those imbalances back in line.

Babies, children & teenagers often respond extremely well to acupuncture

and treatment is known to improve imbalances such as colic, teething and congestion in babies. Digestives issues, colds, coughs, bed wetting, nightmares and painful ailments in young children. For teenagers, anxiety, sports injuries and menstrual cycle issues for girls to name just a few.

For babies and young children the needles are very fine and are not left in, for older children and teenagers the needles are left in and gives them a chance to relax and enjoy the treatment. Treatment generally brings a lovely feeling of calmness and a nice side effect is a good nights sleep.

I feel truly blessed to have found and studied acupuncture, it has enabled me to not only help my own children & grandchildren, friends and their children but also many clients in our beautiful clinic.

In a world moving forward looking for more natural ways to help our children we find ourselves actually looking back at old remedies and therapies for successful healing.

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