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The Year of the (Yin Water) Rabbit 2023

The Year of the Water Tiger signified the end of hibernation, and we woke up – often

activated by a catalytic event or events. Emotions and senses stirred which stimulated

our consciousness and revealed a path. Now, for the Year of the Water Rabbit, we are

fully awake. Like animals foraging in nature, we are all out in the world engaged with our

purpose and following the path that was realized last year. The rabbit represents

thunder shaking the ground, which unlocks our true nature and propels us forward.

Rabbit is associated with the wood element (Liver/Gallbladder), the color green, and the

cardinal direction east.

Personality traits include wisdom, ambition, skill, secrecy, and vitality. Rabbits run fast

but also take time to rest and display gentleness. Rabbits live in dens, hidden securely

underground, allowing them to restore their lively energy. They possess great strategic

qualities and know when to act or retreat, thus 2023 holds awesome potential for

putting a plan into action.

The nimble nature of rabbit empowers us to maneuver around any obstacles that arise

in 2023. There can be old patterns or belief systems that hold you back and the rabbit’s

agility enables you to let go of these and just do it! Fortunately, rabbits are not

risk-takers or fighters, and their cautious nature allows you to move forward with care

and cultivate progress while considering all various outcomes. The doors are open, and

growth is quick.

Health: The rabbit represents strong life energy and an expansion of self. Breathing

techniques to build vital energy are recommended such as ‘box breathing’. 2023 brings

visions and connects us with the mystery of life. These visions allow us to develop great

strategies to make wise decisions while letting go of those belief systems that no

longer serve our highest good.

The liver governs the tendons. With all the activity expected in 2023, repetitive injuries

might frequently occur. Take care to nourish tendons by eating more protein, taking fish

oil supplements, and drinking plenty of water. The liver is also associated with courage

and decision making and thus is paramount this year. You will be called to engage in life

by advancing on your path, evolving into your truest self. Utilize the strategic nature of

the year to make choices that benefit your ability to best serve humanity. Like a general

on a battlefield, observe all the possible options before selecting and moving forward

with correct timing.

Frustrations can arise that overwhelm digestion, so take care to not overeat or drink in

excess. Manage your liver energy through exercise like swimming and let your hun

(ethereal soul) fly freely by allowing your spirit to soar by following your dreams. This

ensures a strong defensive system to ward off pathogens. Essentially, 2023 is about

seeking balance between action and repose.

Business: New business ventures prosper, and many opportunities present themselves.

2023 is a great year to make money especially for those enterprises focused on

compassion and benefiting nature, such as health care, sustainable forestry practices,

animal rescue, and human rights groups. The search engine Ecosia (, which

supports reforestation, gains momentum and gives Google a run for its money. Travel

flourishes this year so any industry associated with travel will benefit. Businesses run by

women and those businesses benefiting women succeed. Construction continues

unabated and businesses relating to wood, thrive. For those folks who have been living

off government support, it is time to discover your purpose and get to work in a field

that nourishes your soul’s desire.

Individual Animal Forecasts for 2023

Rat: You gain extra wisdom this year. This motivates you to go out into the world and

bring spiritual knowledge to the human family. Your excellent survival skills are

nourished by the extra water energy of the year. The wood nature of the year feeds your

creativity, and you will find yourself charming large groups of people. Take care to not be

lax in your efforts. The emotional nature of the year might cause you to feel bogged

down by old beliefs/patterns. Utilize the momentum of the rabbit to propel yourself

through the year into the good luck that awaits you in 2024!

Ox: You are inherently an earth-natured animal, and the extra water of 2023 could

muddy your thinking and result in miscommunication. Practice grounding techniques

and walk in nature. You are great at processing information, thus strive to focus on

action and avoid overthinking decisions. Rabbit enhances decision-making which will

guide you throughout the year. Consider carrying a dog charm to prevent the

overwhelming water nature of the year. Use your earthy attributes to act as a container

for water and collect the wisdom of the year. If you remain grounded, you can hold

immense wisdom and move straight towards your goals.

Tiger: You reside in the wood family (tiger and rabbit) and thus should experience good

luck with making decisions, accumulating wealth, and accomplishing goals. Forward

action energy predominates 2023 which can cause the tiger to act prematurely and

communicate harshly. It would be wise to consult others about major decisions and to

foster compassionate interactions. A promotion in leadership is likely and you might be

asked to accept a role as an authority figure. This year will solidify your ability to balance

the various aspects of life to prepare for the next several years of expanding energy.

Rabbit*: A good luck year for those turning 60. Otherwise, you might face challenges

with finding the balance between activity and repose since 2023 is known in Chinese

culture as a good-bad luck year for rabbit (see above for explanation). Harmonize your

action and rest to preserve your inherent vitality. 2023 symbolizes the teenage years,

and feelings of irritation and distraction can arise. Cultivate your kindness and you will

be recognized for your tenderness and compassion. When dealing with others, strive for

clear communication. There might be a tendency to hold back in your decision making

and activities, thus use the energy of the year to propel yourself forward on your path.

Dragon*: Known in Chinese shamanism as the rainmaker, dragons are mystical,

transformational beings and 2023 challenges you to change and completely overhaul

your ways. The year presents obstacles that, if successfully navigated, will bring

rewards. Frustrations can arise and emotionality could affect digestion leading to

stomach problems. To prevent this, you can strengthen the lungs and large intestine

through breathing techniques and letting go of old beliefs. You might be overly critical in

personal relations, thus cultivate your compassionate nature. You will benefit from

listening to others and from carefully assessing options before moving forward. Once

you have decided, continue onward, and commit yourself. You can do it!

Snake: The fiery nature of snake is accentuated by the wood energy of the year which

stokes your charming, enthusiastic, and powerful nature. Your inner warmth fosters

great communication and your awakened consciousness shines. The water aspect of

2023 could dampen a bit of your creativity; however, it does provide extra wisdom that

can be channeled into your career, unveiling innovative designs and state-of-the-art

modes of transportation. Use this year to deepen your studies and gain more knowledge

of a particular field of interest. Take time to express your feelings and cultivate humility.

Utilize your intrinsic attractiveness to captivate audiences and promote your creations.

Horse: The wood nature of 2023 fuels your passionate nature and feeds your

excitement, so make efforts to tap into the watery nature of the year and seek quiet time

to recharge and avoid agitation or irritability. This will help you balance your lively nature

from exhausting your reserves. The water aspect of 2023 could create some fear and

doubt, so communicate heart-to-heart with those close to you. When facing a task, rely

on your inherent endurance to bring it to completion. You might begin a passionate

relationship this year. 2023 would be an auspicious year to get pregnant and/or give

birth to a new business/career.

Sheep: 2023 brings good luck! Your vitality and graciousness will shine, and you will

easily complete your tasks and possibly take on new responsibilities. Make sure to

listen to others and clearly weigh all the pros and cons before proceeding, taking care to

focus on things you love to do to not overextend and scatter yourself. Passion abounds

in 2023 and you will experience more romance with your partner. If you are single, this

could be the year to meet your soul mate. You will enjoy financial abundance and a life

of comfort.

Monkey: The prosperous and expanding qualities of 2023 will fuel your quick mind and

spontaneous nature. The bounding energy of the year can cause you to rush and be

impatient about your tasks, so it would be wise to utilize the water aspects of the year to

flow and recharge. You would benefit from social activities and using your wit to

navigate achieving your goals, while cultivating your humility. Irritations and frustrations

can arise this year. Make sure to not take them personally and capitalize on the

blooming new energy of the year to let old patterns go. 2023 is a wonderful time to

release negative beliefs, so to set the stage for good luck coming to you in 2024!

Rooster*: Your excellent observational skills will guide you through the year. There

might be times when you feel rushed and want to quickly get though an activity or feel

drawn towards direct, intense speech. Take care to methodically move toward your

goals, soften your communication with others, and foster gentleness. There are times

when you might feel agitated and want to fight but choose to deflate any potentially

negative situations with your famous humor. Use the extra water nature of the year to

fuel your inherent intuition, nourish your fluids, and gain visions of the year to come

which includes lots of good luck!

Dog: The good luck you experienced in the tiger year keeps on rolling this year since you

are the special friend of rabbit. Your intuition continues to blossom and your artistic and

healing abilities shine. Make sure to exercise daily and nourish your gentle nature so you

can flow with the action of 2023. Family issues might persist this year, so focus on your

truth and let it go. Passion grows strong which might rekindle a current relationship or

present a new lover. Your honest nature is celebrated, and your inherent courage might

be called upon to stand for human and animal rights.

Pig: You enjoy lots of good luck this year! Your intelligence will be celebrated, and you

will be asked to share your knowledge with the world, which you can easily tap into

during resting times through dream voyaging. The powerful momentum of the year

launches you into the public eye and you accomplish your goals effortlessly. A

promotion in leadership awaits and you bring your compassionate, gentle nature to

those around you. You might find yourself spearheading projects to help others. In

addition to all these possible advancements, you enjoy fun, relaxing times. Tap into your

flowing nature and ride the wave of cosmic qi in 2023!

*Carry a dog charm to help bring good luck for the year: Rabbit (unless turning 60),

Dragon, and Rooster will benefit from carrying/wearing a charm. Sheep, Dog, and Pig do

not need to carry a charm.

Excerpts taken from CT Holman’s forecast. Click here to read the whole transcript.

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