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Are you trying to stop/start, give up/do more or less of something in 2016?

Like most of us, after the indulgences of Christmas, we start with the best intentions to have a healthier year.  This is good but many of us set goals with high expectations which unfortunately many will struggle to keep as they are unrealistic and unattainable.  The best way and only way to maintain health is to make lifestyle changes that can be incorporated and become part of your daily routine.

Here are my tips:

Cook everything from scratch, if its not homemade it has no place in your home!  Pack in as many vegetables as you dare, 'Ban the Beige' and enjoy a slice of homemade cake every now and again.

Eat 3 regular meals a day and NO Snacking! Generally think warm and cooked, especially at this time of year, and eat foods that are in season.

Cut our refined sugar.  All sugar does is create an inflammatory response in the body.  There are plenty of alternatives to use in cooking and baking.

Cut back on dairy products.  Keep them as a treat rather than a daily essential.  Dairy products are highly nutritious and as adults they are unnecessary and just creates accumulations in the body.

These are simple, achievable guidelines that will enable weight loss and a healthier life not just in 2019 but beyond!

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