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Cooling hydrogel patch with essential oils, formulated for sports injuries and strains, flexible fit for joints and movement.


Instant Relief Patch with Essential Oils: 2 patches per packet, 5 packets per box 10cm x 14cm 


Instant Relief Patches are made of a soft, flexible cloth that can be worn comfortably on the skin.

The patches have a water-based hydrogel mix so are water-based with herbal extractions so are not sticky, unlike other products.

The hydrogel matrix feels cool on the skin and is packaged in foil sealed packets, to keep them moist. The patch can be worn on the skin for 12-24 hours and can be worn when exercising.

The patch is designed for helping acute conditions such as muscle fatigue, sprains and burns. The cooling effect decreases pain, swelling and inflammation and numbs the skin.

The cooling patches are suitable for athletes who are suffering from a damaged, swollen or inflamed tissue. As the plaster is water-based, you will feel the cooling sensation as soon as it is applied to the skin.

The ingredients include cooling herbs such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Angelica Root
  • Rehmannia Root

They can also help relieve congestion and blockages in the nose, chest and sinuses.

The ingredients have cooling properties and will help to relieve inflammation. The ingredients are also effective at helping relieve congestion and blockages in the patient’s nose, chest and sinuses.

Herbal Plasters - Instant Relief Patch (2 Patches x 5 Packs / Box)

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