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External Remedies and Syrups

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

I hold a small pharmacy of raw herbs in my clinic which I primarily use to make a range of external creams and liniments, and a range of syrups.

The syrups include a cough, hay fever and immune boosting. I boil up a range of appropriate herbs to make a decoction and then mix it with local honey. It makes for a relatively pleasant taste and very easy for children and adults to take.

My range of creams include ones to help with eczema (dry and wet), psoriasis, acne, rosacea, fungal conditions (including toenails), cold sore cream, a general purpose healing cream, and applications for others conditions that involve lumps and bumps (cysts and furuncles).

The liniments available are for arthritis (worse in cold/damp conditions), varicose veins and warts/verrucas.

I also have tinctures (that i make in house) and pills/capsules for a range of conditions including:


Stress (and its associated symptoms).

Sore throats and flu symptoms (prevention and acute)

Helping broken bones heal and stop bleeding.

Herbal plasters to help with stomach/period pains, and achey/arthritic joints.

I’m holding a sale of external products to encourage people to try them and so there is a 15% discount available until the end of March on a selection of products.

Please get in touch and find out more about my range of natural medicines. I only keep a small amount in the clinic and can order a whole host of other preparations if necessary. Just ask!

Louise Stevens, Director & Acupuncturist, Acuherbs (TCM) Ltd

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Arnold McLean
Arnold McLean
Aug 22, 2021

This is a great post thanks for sharing it

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