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Reflexology & its benefit

Rebecca has been working as a Reflexology practitioner for over 10 years, and has since completed specialist training in clinical reflexology-to support clients living with cancer and autoimmune conditions, maternity and postnatal reflexology. She has also completed an advanced diploma in Naturopathic nutrition, helping you reach optimal health through diet, lifestyle and natural therapies.
How can reflexology help me? Reflexologists are trained to help balance the body-mind through stimulation of pressure points on the feet and hands that correspond to all the various parts of the body. The treatment can work very specifically to help the body heal itself and promote physical and emotional wellbeing, for men and women. Reflexology is based on the understanding that health is achieved through balance, and regular treatments will often help with common ailments such as musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, anxiety, hormonal or digestive imbalances. If you haven't tried Reflexology, book in to discover how relaxing the session can be to your whole being. Rest is the theme of the season, and your time in the treatment room will guarantee deep relaxation and that time for yourself!

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