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A Case by Kim Latore

A boy of 2 came for treatment for diarrhoea, he was experiencing bowel movements up to 10x day. He had had a minor operation on his bowel at 3 weeks old and the consultant was considering another. His mother did not want any further surgery.

At the first visit he looked very pale, under weight, dull eyes with dark patches underneath. With so many loose bowel movements I was not surprised that his immune system was weak and he often had colds and experienced frequent high temperatures. He was unable to absorb enough nutrients from the food he was ingesting and therefore getting weaker.

One of the most common conditions when treating children is an immature digestive system, or as we diagnose Spleen Qi deficiency. A proper well cooked diet is essential for maximum absorption of food. Too many cold, raw foods, wheat, sugar and diary products can all have a negative impact on the gut as can overuse of antibiotics. I suggested using goats milk instead of cows, as the fat globules are smaller and are more easily digestible.

He had 13 treatments in total, each one lasting just 10 minutes, as the needles were not retained. He gained confidence with each treatment and went from strength to strength and did not require any further surgery. The bowels firmed up and became normal and thus his immune system strengthened, he gained weight and is now a thriving 7 year old.

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